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AI Anime Generator

Create anime just from the text prompt with a powerful AI Anime Generator. Transform your ideas into stunning images.

Create anime
Image in anime style
Image in anime style

Create AI anime art from text

Now it's very easy to create high-quality anime with our text-to-image generator. You don't need to be a professional artist to do this. Just describe what image you want to get and AI will generate it for you in anime style. The power of artificial intelligence opens up amazing possibilities for limitless creativity. Try our AI anime art creator and see for yourself!

Anime character generator

Want to create your own anime character? Our anime creator will help you! All you need is to compose the prompt correctly and as detailed as possible. Indicate the main features of the character, such as hair and eye color, body type, and clothing. You can create characters just the way you imagine them! Experiment with advanced generator settings and prompts to get the results you want.

Image in anime style

Get inspired by AI-generated anime images

Turn your wildest creative ideas into amazing works of art with just a few clicks. Look at examples of work created with our anime generator and come up with a prompt to create your own masterpiece.

Picture with anime style
Picture with anime style
Picture with anime style
Picture with anime style

Frequently asked questions

What is anime?

Anime is a unique artistic phenomenon that originated in Japan and captured the hearts of millions of people around the world. The huge popularity has made anime a significant part of the world's pop culture and influenced the artistic environment. Anime has fans all over the world. Many enthusiasts attend anime conferences where you can meet people dressing up as their favorite characters. It's called cosplay and has become a strong expression of the fandom.

What are the main artistic features of anime?

Anime has very diverse art style, so characters can look very realistic with a high level of detail, or have a rather whimsical look. For example, you might meet an anime character with bright hair color and expressive facial expressions that convey a rich range of feelings. Styles such as kawaii, chibi, or moe have gained immense popularity and are easily recognizable by fans.

How to write a prompt for anime art?

1. Choose an “Anime” style from a set of styles or specify the one you need in the text description. For example, you could describe it as "Anime with a bright and colorful aesthetic" or "Anime art in a traditional style". You can also combine styles for a unique and stunning result. 2. Describe the scene or characters that you want to get in the image in detail. This could be a description of hair or eye color, any specific poses or actions you would like to capture them in. For example, "Anime character, a girl with glasses with tousled long green hair, dressed in a school uniform", or "Anime character, a smiling boy with blue eyes and black hair, holding a book." Artificial intelligence will take into account all your instructions when generating. 3. Describe what should be in the background. It can be a specific place or important details that convey the atmosphere of the action. You can specify the main colors of the background, the mood of the artwork, the surrounding objects, or any other thematic elements that your imagination has come up with. Experiment with the description and remember that each time a new image will be generated for you. Here is an example of what your prompt might look like: "anime style, a confident and fearless girl warrior with long blonde hair and blue eyes, dressed in traditional armor, wielding a katana, atmosphere of mysticism, a dramatic scene, bright colors, dynamic pose, glowing light". Remember that the result largely depends on the prompt you write. Try to include all the details that will match your idea. It can be very exciting!

Can I save the image I have created?

Yes, after the generation is completed, you can download the image to your device or try to create a new one.

Is it free?

You can use our free plan to generate images, but it has a limit. You can read more on the pricing page.