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Photo to Sketch Converter

Convert your photo into an amazing pencil sketch online with AI

Image in anime style

Turn photo into a sketch with ease

Our AI-powered photo to sketch converter helps you create beautiful pencil sketches quickly and easily. All you need to do is upload an image and choose“sketch” from the list of styles, and the artificial intelligence will transform it into a beautiful painting. Yes, it's incredibly easy!

Convert landscape photo to sketch drawing

Apply the sketch effect to your photos to get images that will evoke vivid impressions and attract your audience. You don't need to be a professional painter or a graphic designer to do this. We provide an easy and convenient way to experiment with the pencil sketch style.

Image in anime style
Image in anime style

Create a pencil sketch from your photo using AI

Give your photos a unique style and make them more attractive with the sketch effect. Our AI-powered tool lets you explore a whole new realm of visual storytelling. You can create a photo album or a series of pencil sketch images and share them with your friends or your audience on social networks.

Frequently asked questions

What is a pencil sketch?

Pencil sketching is an art style based on drawing with graphite or charcoal pencils. This technique is very popular today. It is valued for its simplicity, elegance and ability to convey the essence of a subject expressively. The object for creating a sketch by an artist can be anything: a portrait, landscape or still life. When creating a drawing, the artist pays a lot of attention to detail and adding depth. Sketches can vary in level of detail, from a sloppy sketch to a very detailed, realistic image. One of the key characteristics of pencil sketches is that they are monochromatic. Using only shades of gray allows the viewer to focus on composition, form, and visual communication.

Do I need to write a prompt to edit my photo?

You don't need to write prompts to the image to create pencil drawing. Just upload your photo and it will be processed automatically using artificial intelligence. After processing, you will get your photo with a sketch effect.

Can I save the image that I have generated?

Yes, after the generation is completed, you can download the image to your device or upload new file. If you like the result, you can also try applying other styles to your picture, and we also recommend using our other online tools.

Is it free?

You can use our free plan to generate images, but it has limits. You can read more on the pricing page.