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Erase & Replace

Remove Object from Photo Online


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Erase object from photo with ease

Remove unwanted object, text or people from your photos with our AI-powered inpainting tool. Highlight the object manually with the brush or automatically by the prompt. In any case your result will be stunning!

Image before erase
Image after erase

Replace the object with your imagination

Use your imagination to make up a custom subject that will appear on your picture.
Add details to your description such as “black and white” or “high definition” to match the context of your original photo.


You can remove any unwanted objects, bystanders and scratches from your photos and get professional retouching effortlessly.

Image beforeImage after


You can remove any unwanted objects, bystanders and scratches from your photos and get professional retouching effortlessly.

Image beforeImage after

Text & Watermarks

Our object remover is great for removing any text, watermark, logo, numbers or date. Anything what you need. Really, it's very simple.

Image beforeImage after


Clean pictures of any room, apartment or house. Erase unwanted things on your photos to make them more attractive.

Image beforeImage after


With our inpainting tool you can retouch product images for your store or social media faster than before.

Image beforeImage after

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Frequently asked questions

What is Inpainting?

Inpainting refers to a highly effective retouch technology that is widely employed to expunge unwelcome items from photographs, including but not limited to, objects, people, dates, and text.

What is the best inpainting app?

While there is a bunch of inpainting tools online, BgRem is based on artificial intelligence and is a really easy-to-use app. It’s online, has a free plan, and provides access to an extensive range of advanced AI features.

What image resolution is supported?

Maximum image resolution - 1920 x 1080. You can upload photos of .jpg, .png, .jpeg formats.

Is it free?

You can use our free plan to edit your images, but it has limits. You can read more on the pricing page.

How to remove people from a photo?

BgRem can help you with that! Just upload your photo and go to our easy-to-use service to erase any people from photo. With just a few clicks, you can achieve high-quality results and get the photo without any unwanted people in it.

How to remove objects from a photo?

Do you want to remove unwanted objects from a photo but don't know how to do it without professional and complicated software? No problem! Our advanced object remover will apply its magic and retouch your photo with ease.

How to remove text, watermarks or logos from an image?

Simply upload your picture and go to the easy-to-use service to highlight the text, logo or watermark that you want to remove with a brush. The element will disappear automatically with AI, giving you with a clean and perfect photo. Say goodbye to annoying text, logos and watermarks in your pictures with BgRem!

How to replace something in a photo?

It's incredibly easy! Upload your photo, highlight the object in the photo with a brush and type in what you want to draw instead. AI will automatically replace the object in your photo in a few seconds. After that, you can download the result to your device!