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How to make a perfect video/photo for background removing

How to make perfect photo

Today it is very easy to remove the background, especially if you know some rules, observing which you can get a perfect result.

Some rules on how to make a perfect photo/video for background removing

The secret of a good frame, first of all, lies in the right lighting. Usually, in apartments, even with bright chandeliers, there is not enough light. The best option is natural lighting. Therefore, during the shooting, stand facing the window. If you shoot in the evening, try to find additional lighting sources - round lamps are perfect for this. If not, a regular lamp will do. Set it in such a way that the light falls from above and slightly from the side.

Make sure you are not wearing a hat or holding items in your hands. It can be difficult for artificial intelligence to separate them from the background. Also, there should be no other objects in front of you, such as columns, pieces of furniture, and so on.

Shoot a portrait photo/video since it is more difficult for artificial intelligence to distinguish a person in the frame at full length than if he/she is depicted from one’s waist up.

If you are shooting a video, try not to move too much in the frame, do not play sports, and do not wave your arms - the more static the object is, the easier it will be for artificial intelligence to identify its boundaries.

Modern services such as BgRem can remove the background, even from photos or videos with a non-uniform background. Nevertheless, if you want to simplify the operation of the service and get the most accurate result, we advise you to choose places for shooting with a more uniform color: for example, it can be a house wall.

Now, when you have taken a couple of photos/videos, we will show you how to remove the background from it in BgRem.

How to remove background in BgRem

Upload your file to the service.

Choose the background you like.

Click continue and save your result.

With such advice, you get the result as if it was edited in a professional photo studio.