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Extend Image

Easily extend and change the aspect ratio of your images with AI

Quick and smart image extender

You no longer need to stretch or crop your images to change the aspect ratio and extend them. Just select the aspect ratio you want and AI will generate new image content beyond the borders of your original image.

Image two
Image one

Outpainting with AI

Outpainting with AI allows you to expand your images with ease! If you want to get specific content in the expanded part of the image, just describe the details of the scene, the AI will take care of the rest.

How to extend image online?

  • Upload an image

    Select your image and upload it. We support .jpg, .png, .jpeg format files.

  • Select a new size

    Choose one of the aspect ratio options: 1x1, 16x9, 9x16, 3x2, 4x5. Also you can choose the original size and then the image will be expanded from all sides.

  • Extend image

    Describe the scene and click “Outpaint” button! If you want to improve the result, you can try again or change your description. Each time you will get a new result.

  • Download

    That’s it. If you like the result, just click “Continue” button and download the result on your device!

Tutorial image

Frequently asked questions

What is outpainting?

Outpainting is a term used to describe the process of creating an image that goes beyond an existing image. Outpainting is very useful in such areas as graphic design, marketing, and digital art, where it can be used to expand the visible area of an original image.

How to choose an image extender?

To choose an image extender that suits you, we recommend paying attention to its functionality and convenience. In any case, try BgRem! It’s online, powered by artificial intelligence, has a free plan, and is easy-to-use.

Can I extend the background of a photo?

The AI generates new areas of the image based on the context of the original image and the scene description. If you need a special background for a new image area, just describe it!

Can I outpaint an image multiple times?

Yes. To do this, you will need to download the result and repeat the process from the beginning.

What aspect ratio options are available?

To change the aspect ratio of an image without cropping, you can choose from popular options: 1x1, 16x9, 9x16, 3x2, and 4x5. And by the way, you can also keep the aspect ratio of the original image to expand it on all sides.

Is it free?

You can use our free plan to edit your images, but it has limits. You can read more details on the pricing page.

How to write a prompt?

In your prompt you should describe what you want to outpaint on your picture in a detailed way.