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How to create beautiful photos at home

Home photoshoot

Professional photoshoots are time consuming and expensive. However, beautiful photos for social networks, a blog, or a website, are always in need. And here's how you can save time and money.

Organize a photoshoot at home

The main thing in home photography is the reflection of a piece of your daily life. So choose the suitable part of the flat and try to act naturally in this environment.

The best lighting is natural daylight, so you should shoot during the day with the light from the window.  If opening curtains is not possible, use lamps and lights.

While using artificial lighting, give preference to ring lamps and various backlights, and do not turn on the chandelier on the ceiling – it can ruin everything.

To clear the scene of "trash", pay attention to the color palette of the planned photo and remove unnecessary colors, small details, and everything you do not want to see in the picture.

  • Living room
Living room photoshoot

The living room is probably the best place to do group photoshoots. Shooting with friends or family appears to be the best in that location.

  • Workplace
Workplace photoshoot

Workflow frames can easily fit into the social network feed, evidencing the expertise of the page owner.

If you add a homely atmosphere to the photo, for example, a blanket, cups, or other elements of home decor, as well as makeup with a minimum of cosmetics, the pictures will turn out cozier. 

  • Bedroom
Bedroom photoshoot

The main rule of shooting in the bedroom is plain (preferably white) bed linen: the fewer colors in the frame, the more beautiful the photo.

Photos in the bedroom with natural light from the window are taken using a tripod and a timer on a smartphone. 

  • Kitchen
Kitchen photoshoot

When shooting in the kitchen, remove small and colorful details from the frame that create ripples. You should remove all the jars, peppers, and salters away and leave them only if the idea of the photoshoot is messy cooking when the whole kitchen is covered with flour (and so are you).

  •  Bathroom
Bathroom photoshoot

If there is a window with natural light in the bathroom, use this lighting source. It is an ideal option. If such luxury is not provided in the layout of the apartment, arm yourself with a mirror backlight or ring lamps.

The light source should be located in front of your face or slightly above. 

If the photo seems too yellow (this effect happens from a light bulb), take a picture in black and white. 

Change the background

Sometimes we have no opportunity to change the commodities we live in, or maybe we got a great picture but with unnecessary trash in the background. This problem can be easily solved. Just take a picture in any place of your house with good lighting, remove the background from your picture with BgRem, and choose any background from the wide range of in-built backgrounds.

Take the original picture:

Original photo

Upload your photo to the website:

Choose your favorite background:

Get the result!

Result picture

Finally, you can adjust a photo in the built-in editor on your phone to make it look more natural. For instance, black-and-white filter will look very trendy here:

Edited picture

As you can see, our result is fascinating. Modern technologies let us widen the boundaries and give us the opportunity to create cool pictures even with no help of professionals. Would you like to try it? Don’t waste time, take your picture and upload it to BgRem.